In this world of trees there are so many Species from which to choose as a “favorite tree.” In this blog we will attempt to focus on an interesting tree specimen and its attributes as well as its proper site requirements.
The featured tree for this month is the Bald Cypress. The Bald Cypress : Taxodium distichtum is a great wet site tolerant tree and an alternative to the Weeping Willow ( salix niobe). Most people think of planting Willows where they have soggy ground but often times do not account for the rapid growth and spread of the Willows branches. The Bald Cypress by contrast has a more conical and upright habit. This stately tree has a mature height of 50-70 ft with about a 25ft branch spread.
There are several other features which make the Cypress unique. For starters this tree is a deciduous conifer. There are only a few species of tree which bear cones and still drop their needle each fall. The Copper/brown color of these needles is an interesting site in Autumn and when the needles are fully gone you have the amazing branch habit and bark feature all winter long. This is especially beautiful if you are privileged enough to get some snow on those limbs! The Bark is also very attractive and when the needles are present their jade green color and soft texture is a site to behold.
As with any plant some people love this plant and others do not. Please remember when choosing a tree or plant for your property, make sure it is the proper tree for the site and that you have considered its fully mature stature. Also make sure you love the tree. With all of these things well thought out you can be certain you will get years of pleasure watching it grow!!