Tree life through the eyes of an educator…

Ever since I was a young child, I always wanted to be a teacher. After high school graduation, I went on to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education plus a Master’s degree in Reading Education. For the first four short years before I had my first child, I taught in a Philadelphia Middle School. After my son was born, we moved from Philadelphia to the Cherry Hill area and I continued teaching part time once a week in the evening as an adjunct professor for Camden County College in the reading/writing department. Once my second child was born, I decided to forgo my adjunct position and focus 100% of my attention on my children. Fast forward a bit and I have now been living in Woolwich Township for 12 years. I was fully involved in the elementary school district through the PTO as a Vice President and President as well as now serving on the School Board for the Kingsway Regional School District.

So, why am I writing this blog? My whole life has been a huge classroom for me to learn and grow. I love education, no matter what the topic! In 2012, when our daughters have been playing soccer together for a few years, I had the opportunity to help Paul out in the office, on an interim basis, answering phone calls, scheduling estimates, etc. until he could find a permanent person to fill the position. Well, 4 years later and guess who is still here?!?!? This brings me to the reason behind the blog post. Life for me is about learning and being here at Tree Awareness has allowed me to learn a whole new range of knowledge within the tree world. I take a closer look at my surroundings in regards to trees, tree health and the aesthetics they bring to the world around us. Because our company has a strong belief in education as well, I have absorbed a wealth of knowledge on the internal and external working of trees and how the field of arboriculture is really translated in all of the work we do. It makes me sad when I see trees chopped up to look like coat racks but happy when I hear folks rave about how educated all of our employees are when it comes to our mission, vision and customer service.

I look forward to the continued success of this company and being part of it for many years to come! That is, until I am off on my next education adventure once the kids have graduated from college…

~  Mia Randazzo – Office/Operations Manager

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