What materials are the BEST mulches for trees? · Bark chunks or shredded bark that is at least 3/8 inch in size. Pine bark will last longer than hardwood bark. · Pine needles · One-year old wood chips. · Leaves that were shredded and composted for at least three months. What are the WORST mulches […]

Why Cranes?

Cranes can be used in the tree industry to assist clombers and bucket opperators with removing trees. The crane is useful in several situations.One is for lifting fallen trees during storms or simply catastrophic tree failure. Cranes are also very helpful with removing extremly large trees by limiting the amount of block and tackle rigging […]

“Pear Words”

I am sure many of you know about the frailties of Bradford pears! Although these trees have a wonderful display of blooms each spring and a wonderful full rounded crown,they come with some built in problems. The Branch unions where the main stems tie into the trunk are prone to catastrophic failure. As certified Arborists […]


Good day everyone!! Just a quick word to all of our wonderful clients out there.For years we have used some awesome sub contractors to take care of our clients stump grinding needs. We have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with our subs for a very long time. However, we have finally opted to purchase our very […]