As autumn is coming upon us, campfire season is heating up (literally!). Bonfires provide such a peaceful environment to enjoy your surroundings and find your “zen”. It’s amazing to read of the psychological benefit of an outdoor fire. It creates a mesmerizing sense of security and peace. Most people find conversation over a fire to be easy and free flowing. Watching the flames dancing and raging, one can not help but stand in awe.
As beautiful of an experience as a campfire can be, they also hold the potential for great danger. Here are a few helpful hints to help you brush up on fire safety:
– When choosing your fire site, try to avoid low hanging branches or nearby trees. The heat could scorch the leaves, damaging the trees and presenting a fire hazard.
– It is also important to clear the area around your fire “pit” of any sticks, dry brush, or dead grass. We recommend up to a 10’ diameter. This protects your yard from embers straying and igniting a brush fire.
– Ideally, fires should be contained by a ring. It can easily be comprised of medium sized rocks found around the area or you can find fire rings pre-made at your local nursery.
– Keep a shovel nearby so that you can shovel dirt on a fire to smother it if it becomes out-of-hand.
– Do not leave a fire unattended. They can quickly rage out of hand.
– When you are finished your fire for the night, we recommend covering it with dirt or dumping a bucket of water over it. Embers may burn up to 24 hours after flames are no longer visible.
– Be safe and enjoy!