Shopping Tips:
• Know how tall your ceiling is before you set off shopping.
• Determine where the tree will be displayed. If it will be on view from all sides, you’ll want a symmetrical tree. If it’s going up against a wall, you can get by with a less than perfect side on your tree.
• Don’t be embarrassed to take a tape measure of a pole with you. Some places will provide you with one. It’s much more embarrassing to have a lopped off Christmas tree.
• If you are going to be walking through a tree farm to cut your own, bring some pieces of bright ribbon or string to mark possible choices as you look around. Remember to remove them when you’ve made your selection.
• Look for a tree with a straight base about 6-8” long so you can make a fresh cut and still have room to fit it into your stand.
• Bring your own saw or shovel and a cord or rope to tie the tree to your vehicle. (Just in case)


Keeping your tree fresh:
• The most important thing you can do is keep the tree watered. Cool temperatures will also help cut back on needle loss. If you are able, transition the tree from outside by leaving it in a bucket of water in your garage for a few days.
• Try to keep it away from direct sunlight, winds, and sources of hear like heaters, stoves or appliances.
• Make a fresh cut at the bottom at least 1 inch above the original cut. A smooth, clean cut will help the tree absorb water more readily. Then fill the reservoir with lukewarm water.
• Your tree begins losing water as soon as it is cut. In a heated room, a tree can absorb up to a quart of water a day, so check and fill the reservoir often. Once a tree is allowed to lose 20 percent of its moisture content, it will not be able to recover.
• While any tree will burn if it comes in direct contact with flames, Christmas trees become a fire hazard when their moisture content falls below 50 percent, able to ignite from contact with hot lights.


The National Christmas Tree Association is a great resource detailing the different types of trees to help you find the perfect one for you.


Although we’re not supposed to play favorites, the Balsam Fir has a special place in our hearts here at Tree Awareness. They’re not always easy to find but their dark green color with a slight silvery cast makes them the perfect tree. Balsams also have short, flat needles that are long lasting and are very fragrant when first cut.
Our good friends at Exley’s have a great quality and a big selection of Christmas trees to choose from. Stop by this holiday season and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!