Continue to educate or status quo?
I have now been in the tree service industry for 30 years. I have seen legion changes as I have watched this trade and the science behind it move and grow. I realized within about 5 years of entering the field that I possessed the skills needed to “run “my business and do the work of cutting. Was this skill set enough to operate at a high level? A question arose from this contemplation. Could I coast on the information I have gathered or do I continue to read, Learn and grow? Do I embrace the changes in equipment and science or dismiss them as a fad?
At first blush this may seem like a silly question and its answer a quick one. As I have sailed on the river of knowledge that coursed through my career I could not help but drink it in. I felt as if learning and knowledge inspired me and made me a better artisan. The quest of growth allowed me to bring the best to a clientele of people who love their trees and plants as much as I. The reward of bringing answers about ailing trees and developing strategies to manage landscapes was and remains a thrill. The climbing rigging and removing of dead or dangerous trees in difficult situations without damage fed the adrenaline junky in me.
In contrast to this I have observed a great many in our trade as well as other fields of endeavor who, once they develop a specific skill set, enough to just get by and earn a living, will settle or stop there. Some would call them “old school “or say things like “you can’t teach an old dog a new trick. “ It is part of our overarching mission on this team to continue to learn and grow.
The Idea of learning and growing is one that can be applied to all aspects of life. Your work, relationships, hobbies, fitness, walks of faith. All of these benefit from steady and applied effort to improving on purpose. Where are you in life? Satisfied with the status you? Do not let mediocrity be an acceptable option in your life. Reach stretch and grow to be your best in whatever you do!!
Paul ~