Hello folks! Just want to touch on the hot and dry conditions for a moment! I know we had some rain the other night which was great but its just not enough.
Take a good look around your property if you see drooping leaves those plants are really stressed and need water.Plant stress is many times the first thing that can weaken the tree system and open it up to other pathogens such as insects and fungi.Large portions of the feeder roots can die during drought and compromise the trees ability for uptake.
Please do not hesitate to call if you would like one of our certified arborists to come do a walk through your property with you. This is not about some high pressure sales visit but about us looking after our clients.
Remember you can water big trees as well as little plants. A soaker hose works best.Stretch that hose out under the drip line and let it go for bout 30 minutes.Move it around to cover as much of the root zone as possible. Your trees will thank you.