I have been doing work on trees since 1984. It has been my great pleasure to learn not only in the classroom, through books and seminars but also by working along side of many great Arborists over the last 30 years. I have integrated the years of experience of my mentors with quite a bit of book and classroom studies over the years, culminating in becoming a board certified tree expert . Although this was a major accomplishment and something of which I am very proud,it is not in my opinion the “end all!”

So much of what an Arborist does in terms of field work is hands on and physical, it simply cannot be learned completely from books. We must learn in an apprenticeship style like so many other trades. If you think about plumbers ,electricians and many other trades we learn in the the same way. One distinct difference though is that we are dealing with a living system. Trees and plants are alive . Wire,pipe,and lumber are not alive. Why is this important? In other trades the resources they use are not living and respond in a consistent fashion when cut ,stripped ,hammered ,or bent. Trees and plants respond very differently depending on things like specie,time of season and climactic conditions to name a few. It takes  years to get familiar with how different species of trees respond to things like storm damage, Pruning cuts, and how much foliage can be removed in one growth cycle. The science and practice of really good Arboriculture is extremely complex and takes passion,dedication and a willingness to make it your lifes work.  Knowledge of any science tends to be more a journey or pursuit than a destination where one arrives and says “i have learned all that I can.”

The point of all of this is simply this, BE CAREFUL!! If you are a person who really values your trees and landscape plants you simply must hire a company that is driven by passion to deliver the best product and service possible. It can take decades for a mature tree to reach its full stature on your property and moments to destroy it. I do believe that there are companies out there that share our passion.However , in this era of  “cheap tree” signs on every corner and companies that pop up one moment and are gone the next you must do your research. In these economic times people will try what ever they can to ” make a dollar” and you do not want them to LEARN on your trees! The International Society of  Arboriculture has a pamphlet call “why hire an Arborist. The  ISA is a great place to start looking for what to look for in a firm or the NJ Board of Certified Tree Experts. Also the Tree care Industry Assoc. can help you find a qualified company.

Remember these few items. Get references from friends.Use your Facebook network. Check credentials,time in business,ask questions to ascertain the experience of the company. Also remember this.If a company has a backlog and is busy they are more than likely worth the wait. For any questions or comments shoot us an email @ treeawarenessoffice@aol.com or call 856.297.8548. We always look forward to serving our clients w commitment and passion!!!