Just a quick word about the fall and tree pruning.Fall is a classic time when people think about pruning their trees. It is usually a busy time for arborists schedules. I just wanted to post a note to remind folks to get their year end cleaning and thinning done . Some winters bring with them heavy snow and ice, loading  can wreak havoc on long heavy limbs and shrubs as well. Being proactive with sound arboricultural practices is a great idea and can save money and heartache by averting potential damage to your prized trees and shrubs!

A couple points worth mentioning are Pruning , Fertilizing and dormant oil sprays. Pruning is the most common practice performed by arborists to prevent damage .Pruning in the fall should focus on weak,poorly attached limbs or long over mature branches. These limbs can either be removed or thinned/shortened to help insure against potential failure. Fall fertilizing is good for the simple fact that is puts nutrients in the ground for a good spring wake up!! Dormant oil sprays are good  to control insect pests by smothering egg masses before they hatch in spring. They also protect evergreen trees and shrubs from winter burn by reducing moisture loss through the leaf surface during harsh winter winds. Oh yes and one bonus point: some multi -stemmed shrubs such as Arborvitae can be tied together in the middle to prevent them from splaying open.

That’s all for now , but stay tuned for an update on our continuing crew education. We will be sending staff members to various classes over the next several months to keep us on the cutting edge of what is good for your property!!!