If Your Trees Could Speak

When we developed a new website and worked on our branding one of the things we wanted to do was make the site more user friendly and personal. One of the new topics we created is “If your tree could speak”. It may sound funny at first but… think again, what has that tree seen in its lifetime? Who planted the tree and for what reason? What is the history of this gorgeous specimen of nature? As wonderful as our lives can be, trees have life signatures of their own and leave a biographic footprint in time.

We created this section to tell the story of some of the trees that we have encountered in on journeys through the green umbrella of South Jersey and Southwestern Pennsylvania. The stories, like most human lives, sometimes have a happy or sad ending. Whether the project was a removal of an old, damaged or dying tree or the revival of a sick or diseased tree, it has its’ own tale. Here are just a few.

The Sycamore at 211 Kings Highway, Clarksboro, NJ 08020

When my Father built our home in 1929, he found a 2 ft tall Sycamore sapling growing on my Grandfather’s farm on old Route 130 in West Deptford. He planted that sapling in our backyard and now it has grown into a 40 ft tall GIANT! Many people say that the Buttonwood tree is a messy tree and it is! However, I prefer to recall the fond childhood memories this tree offered us.

I spent hour upon hour singing and swinging on a make shift swing that my Dad hung form on of its strong branches. My sister and I had tea parties under its shade, made mud pies and dug for earthworms in the dirt below. we constructed pretend amusement rides using cardboard boxes and old kitchen chairs propped up against and around its trunk. In the autumn, we raked the leaves into huge piles to jump in. We also discovered the seed balls were harmless fun to throw at each other. Countless numbers of birds and animals have made their homes in this tree over the years, living in harmony simultaneously in one huge tree. our church had their annual Sunday school picnics for several years under the shelter of its foliage.

When I look at this tree today in my backyard, it reminds me of my Dad. Both my Dad and the tree share somethings in common: they are both strong, sturdy and able to endure whatever life brings along. I am grateful to Tree Awareness for helping to keep my tree healthy!