Back in early December My Foreman Ryan Young and I attended a large tree climbing and rigging class at Rutgers New Brunswick. This class was  instructed by two of our dear friends in the tree care industry,Steve Chisolm jr. and his Brother Mark Chisolm. Both of these individuals are 3rd generation arborists and work in the family business. Thier resumes are far too lrngthy to list here ,trust me , they are both very accomplished each in his own right. Aspen tree care is their company and it is located in Jackson NJ.

This 2 day short course brought us up to date on the latest and greatest techniques in our field. I am entering my 26th year as a professional Arborist and in fact am an instructor myself but I still managed to pick up quite a few useful ideas.
It is a core principal of ours to continue to train and educate ourselves in order to provide cutting edge safety,production and workmanship to you our clients!

This next Photo is With Steve Chisolm showing a tool called a resistograph. This tool measures the decay in trees so we can make more accurate determinations about the health of clients trees and it also helps keep our climbers safe. If a tree has too much decay it should not be climbed.

All in all it was a great 2 day course . Ryan and I gained a lot of valuable knowledge and met some new friends.We also got another really cool certificate to add to our wall!!
Thanks to Rutgers and to Mark and Steve Chisolm