I am sure many of you know about the frailties of Bradford pears! Although these trees have a wonderful display of blooms each spring and a wonderful full rounded crown,they come with some built in problems. The Branch unions where the main stems tie into the trunk are prone to catastrophic failure. As certified Arborists we question the wisdom of continuing to plant this specie but recognize peoples desire for this plant. If Bradfords are to be planted then they must be pruned.

After a young pear is planted it should be structurally pruned at about 3 year intervals.Pruning should be considered about 2-3 years after installation and continue through its life. Remember ,never let a tree care professional “top” your trees! the trees should be thinned and reduced according to the ansi a-300 pruning standard.

Remember , there is never a guarantee that trees will not fail,but pruning is good insurance.