We have found over the years that clients who invest in general maintenance pruning are generally the ones who sustain the least amount of damage during storm events. Obviously this is not a hard and fast rule and there are variables that can effect the outcome,however it is noticeable that as Arborists who survey properties with some sense of regularity we are having an impact.

As important as what to to before storms of rain,snow,ice or wind hit is what to do or look for post storm. Catastrophic Failure is pretty hard to miss . A tree or large limb comes down on a fence or in your driveway and you call us out to clean up the damage and prevent further property damage. Trees do not always show you all of the damage they have incurred. Many times trees have limbs cracked and hanging high in the canopy. Sometimes the cracks are slight and not able to be easily seen. Sometimes even roots have been cracked or compromised in some way and go unnoticed.  Take a stroll around your property and look around for these types of signs and signals. Trees that have been weakened are prone to fail in a subsequent storm.

The investment of having a certified Arborist on your property with regularity may help to identify issues before they happen and perhaps save a tree or other valued property. We can come and have a look pre,or post storm . We take pride in helping clients manage the most highly valued plants in your entire landscape ….Your trees!!

Paul Biester

NJ. CTE #408