With the rash of crazy winter weather we have certainly had our share of damaged trees at which to look! WE have seen everything from large trees being uprooted to snapped limbs to damaged shrubbery. The work usually comes at us in waves.The initial calls are the emergencies ,with trees lying on houses ,garages,and perhaps across driveways.The secondary calls are mostly limbs cracked and hanging or in a yard somewhere that is not as pressing.Most of this work is very visible and even obvious.But what about the invisible,or hard to see?
Some Tree limbs get cracked or split from wind and snow load but do not fail. These Limbs remain in the tree in a weakened state and can pose a risk for future failure, perhaps in a subsequent storm.Having an Arborist look at your trees thoroughly is a good Idea.Looking at them prior to full leaf expansion is even better because the entire limb structure is visible at this time. This is where the benefit of routine maintenance pruning really pays off.If you are one of our clients who gets pruned on a regular cycle, one of our climbing Arborists will be inspecting the tree up close as they work through the tree to prune it,this is the best way to identify problems and fix them promptly .
Many folks ask the question would pruning have prevented damage in the first place? This is a great question! The fact is that we cannot “storm proof” our trees,but there is no question that sound arboricultural practices can help reduce potential damage and keep your trees ,shrubs and other plant material thriving!!