Good day everyone!! Just a quick word to all of our wonderful clients out there.For years we have used some awesome sub contractors to take care of our clients stump grinding needs. We have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with our subs for a very long time. However, we have finally opted to purchase our very own unit!! WE are very exited about this because we feel it will improve our customer service by cutting the time between trees getting removed and the stumps being ground.
In the past we would remove the trees and then have to notify our subs of the stumps and location etc.The sub-contractors then had to fit us into their schedules.Often times this would cause a significant delay in service. We are now , often times able to bring the stump grinder with us on the day the trees are removed and do the grinding on the same day.
We hope this helps us serve you better!!! we are very excited about adding this service to our in house service line up
Thanks,Paul B.