Let’s face it- not all of us are built to be Eskimos. I woke up this morning and couldn’t help but ask myself if anything good can come from these single digit temperatures? As the newest member here at Tree Awareness, I (Melissa) am happy to be learning and reporting good news from the Tree world!

Top 5 reasons to hire a Certified Arborist in the winter:

  • Prevention is the best medicine. The best way to avoid storm damage and prevent crisis situations is to get ahead of the game and prune your trees. Heavy limbs, hazardous branches, weak joints, and diseased sections are all dangerous to your house and yard. Have your tree diagnosed and treated before heavy storms and high winds become a problem.
  • Defects are Easily Recognizable. Because the leaves have fallen, the structure of the trees is the most visible in the winter. This allows the tree professionals to see the crown of the tree as a whole and easily spot any structural defects, dead wood, and disease. Also, pruning and shaping can be done more evenly.
  • The ground is frozen. The hard ground protects your grass and landscaping from the heavy equipment and traffic. Tire tracks and mud spots are no longer a concern when the dirt is frozen solid!
  • More efficient growth. Because trees are dormant, they adjust better to pruning. When the Spring comes, they grow and fill out the frame of the tree and you are not “wasting” the tree’s energy, resources, or nutrients.
  • Our team is more readily available. It is a common misconception that tree care professionals “hibernate” in the winter like most landscaping companies- but this can play to your advantage! Our team is more flexible and obtainable in the cold months. (Weather permitting of course.)

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