Click on the part of the tree where you noticed the problem:

Tree Diagnosis


Leaf issues are a great diagnostic indicator:

  • Are the leaves on your tree immature?
  • Do they appear to be smaller than usual?
  • Are they a different color than normal? Perhaps pale?
  • Are there holes, spots,or blisters on the leaves?

Insects or environmental stress may be the cause of some leaf issues. Our Licensed tree expert or certified arborists can assist you in diagnosing the problem with your trees!

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  • Are there broken and hanging limbs?
  • Is there a lot of dead wood present?
  • Are there cracks or fissures in the limbs or where two or more limbs join together?
  • Are there long heavy limbs overhanging walkways, structures, streets or utility lines?

Some of these issues require immediate attention as a hazard may exist. All of our pruning is done by ISA certified arborists,according to ANSI A300 standards.Please contact us for an evaluation of your concerns.

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  • Do you notice bark peeling, or cracking in the bark?
  • Are holes appearing in the bark?

Bark is the trees first line of defense . If the bark is compromised, you should have a certified arborist examine the problem right away.

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(The "Crown" is also referred to as the "Flare")

  • Is the Crown buried?
  • Is the Crown uniform, or flat on one side?
  • Do you see fungi on or around the base?

Some of these issues can be diagnosed with a root crown excavation. By pulling back the soil to inspect this area we can often find and remedy the problem. Establishing proper grade around your trees is very important!

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  • Have you had any digging done around your trees?
  • Has someone put it concrete, irrigation, or pavers?
  • Are the roots covered by a non-porous surface?
  • Are there mushrooms or conks growing on or along the roots?

The root system of a tree is where all of the absorption occurs. If the roots are not healthy, the tree will struggle. We offer solutions and advice regarding the root systems of your trees.

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  • Do you have poor soil conditions?
  • Are your trees suffocating from a lack of oxygen and poor drainage?
  • Did you know that most tree problems are due to poor soil conditions?

Soil and root conditions are the most important areas of a trees health and most tree problems are due to poor soil conditions and improper root development.

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