The European Beech species is a beautiful example of a legacy tree in the tri-state region. Its’ scientific name is Fagus sylvatica from the family Facaceae. The Beech tree is deciduous and has a stately canopy. Although slow growing, the European Beech is on average 50ft tall and can extend up to 100 ft. tall after 50+ years. This tree will be around for generations with an ordinary lifespan of 150-200 years, in some cases up to 300 years. Although its origin is from Europe, the Beech tree fits in beautifully in the Philadelphia tri-state area, because extreme temperatures are not this tree’s favorite. If you’d like to visit one: Longwood Gardens (Located in Kennett Square, PA) houses beautiful specimens for your viewing pleasure, and be sure to bring a good book to enjoy under the foliage!

If you’d like to know more about Fagus sylvatica check out the link below: