The Ginkgo Biloba “Magyar” is beautiful this time of year! Known for its “street cred” and heartiness, the golden yellow canopy provided by this ancient tree is ablaze in the autumn season. The Ginkgo originally comes from Asia and the Ginkgoaceae family is believed to be millions of years old. Many fossils and pieces of history have been found within these trees.

With its ability to withstand extreme conditions and fend against the harshness of winter and the salt burn that comes with her, the Ginkgo tree makes an excellent curb liner. Growing up to one hundred feet tall, and with a canopy stretching up to thirty feet wide, this tree provides excellent shade.

The Ginkgo has come under some harsh critics recently who claim it’s smelly and messy. Most people don’t understand that there are two different genders of trees. The female Ginkgo does produce fleshy seeds that release a foul odor when split open. But the majority of all nurseries do not even carry the female string. The male (fruitless) Ginkgo is free of all odors and is harmless to your property.

Ginkgo’s are low maintenance and tolerate urban conditions very well.