There are a couple schools of thought that clients tend to bring to the table when pricing out tree work. One is Bottom line! The low price wins the bid. Some other folks take into consideration additional factors such as , what equipment will be used,trained and qualified staff ,and are we attentive to customer needs. I would like to address one of these items right here and how it directly pays off for our clients.
In mid November we attended the Tree Care Industry Association tree care expo. This is a trade show and conference where equipment vendors and educators come to display their wares and to teach.We spend the better part of three days looking at innovations in equipment and listening to lectures on the latest science regarding your trees and plants. Most times we return from such functions with a head full of new ideas and energy toward our craft. We also pick up the latest in safety ideas. All of this comes with us on our next job…which could be yours!! This keeps our team safe as well as your valued property.
We believe in charging a price that will support such things because we know it comes back to you. Your property is your biggest investment and we respect that. We also know that you could choose to do business with anyone. We get very excited when you choose Treeawareness because we know we will work our tails off to give you the very best our industry has to offer!and to make you thrilled with the job we do.
Please check out the photos we posted for you from our trip to Pittsburgh as we attended the TCIA expo in November! click on the flickr icon at the bottom of the page and go to the 2010 expo picture set!! Next up, our 2 foreman go to Rutgers for tree risk assessment and Large tree climbing and rigging!!
Thanks, PAUL!