Last year the New Jersey state legislature passed a law stating that all people or companies in the state of New Jersey ” Must be licensed ” to conduct tree care operations. Many of our friends and colleagues were pivotal in getting the bill passed into law.In fact a couple good friends actually wrote the Bill!! This law was actually written as a means to protect consumers from not only shoddy work but also from potential liability as well as property damage! The Law is currently in its rules and regulation phase and should be ready to implement very soon. As details become available we will update our client base on this blog!!
Fortunately those of us who currently hold the certified tree expert credential will be “grandfathered in ” ! All CTE’s will become LTE’s. The examination given to us as Certified Tree Experts is what will be given to those applying to become LTE’s.
I will follow up with this post next week to explain the differences between LTE and LTCO , As there will be two distinctive licenses given for different aspects of the tree care industry.