The Strength of Any Company Is the People

Meet some of the team at Tree Awareness. Our founder and Owner/Operator is Paul Biester and has been driving the company forward ever since. Paul is a talented tree climber with extensive accomplishments in the tree service industry and a full service Tree Arborist with vast knowledge of the science of tree care, diagnosis and holistic approach to maintaining health for the life of your trees in your yard. His passion for nature and preserving the vital threads of our canopy of green are unmatched in the industry. Where most would say, take the tree down, Paul’s approach is more of a skilled surgeon and caring friend with certifications and specialized training including:

  • C.A.A. Master Arborist License #19
  • Licensed Tree Expert #408
  • ISA Climber Specialist
  • Certified Treecare Safety Professional

Master Arborist, Paul D. Biester

Owner and CEO, Paul Biester, started working at a young age. His first job was a paperboy. After that, he began handing out fliers for a cable television company and cleaning up around their offices. He then worked for a restaurant as a dishwasher and a furniture company as a warehouse worker. In 1984 at the age of 19, he took a job dragging brush for a tree service in Haddonfield, NJ.


Paul spent four years working with the Haddonfield based company and learned a great deal about tree care. Beginning as a ground worker, Paul dragged brush, learned how to properly feed the chipper, cut wood and ran ropes.  After approximately two years, he began to train as a climber and in a short order was running his own crew.

At the end of four years, Paul took a foreman’s position with the Bartlett Tree Expert company. Bartlett is a huge national company based out of Stamford, Connecticut and has been in business since 1907. Working for Bartlett opened up the world of arboriculture (the science of trees) for Paul. This experience also gave him the opportunity to work with many talented climbers and arborists all of whom shared techniques and knowledge with him. He really enjoyed the team environment there. At the end of his stay with Bartlett, Paul went back to work for his friend in Haddonfield.

From 1989 to 1992, Paul ran a crew and was a sales representative for the Haddonfield based firm. At the end of the ‘92 season, he decided to start his own venture. In the beginning of 1993, Tree Awareness, Inc. was born out of a vision of interweaving the best ideas from two distinctively different philosophies.

The concept of Tree Awareness, Inc. is to take the personal service and attention to detail that a small “mom and pop” type business could bring and combine it with the resources and training of a much larger firm. We are able to deliver on personal services because we build relationships with our clients. We accomplish this by having a live person answer our phone, being on time for appointments, delivering the highest quality of tree care possible, and engaging with our clients to help us improve our service. We also come through on the benefits of a larger firm. This is done by building a strong network of trusted associates. Some of our associations include the International Society of Arboriculture, the Tree Care Industry Association, the Society of Certified Tree Experts and countless other firms, educators, arborists and other business owners. We are able to draw on the breadth of knowledge and experience of these partners for two reasons. The first reason is to assist us in providing the highest quality of work possible. The second reason is to assist us in the continuing education of our personnel. We are relentless in our pursuit of new safety information, new science and better business practices.

Over the past 25 years, Paul has seen a lot of changes within the industry. However, the core philosophy of Tree Awareness, Inc. remains the same. It is this very approach that allows us to grow and move forward embracing positive changes in our industry, for the sole benefit of our clients.


Mia Randazzo, Office Manager

Our Operations/Office Manager, Mia, is highly efficient and keeps the workflow running smoothly and the production schedules tight.  Mia’s attention to detail makes her a very vital part of the Tree Awareness team.  She’s the first contact, the team manager and the project completion director.  Mia will have an answer to most of your questions and, in most cases, is also the person to see your project to completion.