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Welcome to Tree Awareness!

We believe that God has created the earth and all that is in it. We consider it a wonder and a privilege to work on trees. It is our job at Tree Awareness, Inc. to be good stewards of the local forest. We notice and understand how trees and all of their associates play an important roll in our communities and effect our everyday life. We are savvy to the emotional, visceral response that people have when they see an old mature tree. We, as a company, share those feelings with you . And, I have personally escaped to the wood for peace throughout the course of my life. Hiking, camping canoeing rock climbing  and skiing have been my recreation. All of these with the forest in common.  These are the thoughts, feelings and principals that drive our approach in caring for your trees. Less invasive , more in harmony! Paul Biester, Owner Tree Awareness, Inc.


Paul is always a pleasure to deal with.  Mia is always on top of things. Use Tree Awareness exclusively for tree work.

-Ed Menold, South Harrison, NJ


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