Plant Healthcare

Do Your Trees Look Stressed?

Tree Awareness is one of the few tree service companies that offers a full healthcare checkup for any weak, stressed and/or damaged trees in your yard that you would like to see healthy and beautiful again. Where most tree companies may tell you a tree needs to be removed, the experts at Tree Awareness, Inc. say, WAIT! Hold on one minute! “For the Life of Your Trees” is our motto and we are more interested in the full health and possible revival of the beloved trees that surround your home. Our complete healthcare check list can determine whether a tree should be treated or, as a last resort, taken down. The trees and shrubs are a vital part of the beauty of your surroundings and sometimes are just in need of fertilization or maybe a root stimulant.

Stress in trees and shrubs can be caused by any number of factors: drought, wind or storm damage, construction damage, change in landscaping, winter road salting, improper planting techniques, over mulching, etc. Often these types of stresses cause damage to large portions of the feeder root mass of the tree or shrubs. This limits the plants ability to extract necessary water and nutrients from the soil. The trees are further weakened because they must draw on energy reserves to re-grow lost roots adding to the downward spiral. Several seasons in a row of this kind of trouble, or multiple stress factors at once, can prove very costly for your plants.

Tree Fertilization and Root Stimulants

Tree Awareness,Inc. uses a product called Die Hard Root Reviver for use in treating trees that show signs of “stress”. Trees and shrubs can be treated in the Spring or Fall using Die Hard’s different root reviver formulas.

Another option is Vertical Mulching. By amending the soil with a vertical mulch, you are being proactive. Vertical mulch is all organic and helps colonize the feeder roots of your trees and shrubs. In other words, it makes the root mat mass denser and better equips the tree for the uptake of water and nutrients. The vertical mulch we use is blended with Humic Acids, Bio-Stimulants, Beneficial Bacteria, Soluble Sea Kelp, Yucca Plant Extracts, Amino Acids, and Vitamins. The formulation Hort Sorb Water Management Gel is added to slowly release all soluble components.

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