A season of thanks!


 As we approach yet another Thanksgiving ,thoughts turn to fellowship with family and friends. A chance to focus in on what we are grateful for in our lives. As a person I try to practice daily gratitude to keep my self balanced and in tune with the positive side of life. We all have a story to tell and are daily living our autobiography. Almost everyone’s story has an element of pain and gratefulness can be the tonic.

When I think of my life  as it relates to Tree Awareness, the same formula holds true. Being a business owner is a bumpy ride. There are many challenges that make you constantly question yourself and the decisions you make. The paradigm shift i need  is often wrapped up In the feelings of gratitude i have for all the team members that have come through our doors. The efforts they gave to deliver a superior product. For our current  team , the love and dedication they bring to our vision and mission.  What I really want to emphasize in this post is my gratitude for you our clients  , who bless us with the privilege of serving you.  I have a deep understanding that we are not the only tree service providers in the local market . I also understand the connection between you  and your  property. I do not take lightly the invitation made by you and your family to our team in care of your trees! My deeper sense of gratitude does not simply come from the work it comes from the long standing friendships I have made with many of you. We have been doing business in the community for 25 years and have had the pleasure of knowing some of you for that long. My life is richer for knowing all of you! 

So in this season of giving thanks please know i am very grateful to my friends of tree awareness and for being allowed to serve you and this community for 25 years. Please take the next few days to count your blessings and enjoy time with the ones you love . Work and business can wait! People are what matter most.

Paul Biester