Our Committment to You by Paul Biester


As the founder of Tree Awareness, Inc. and working in the tree industry for the last 33 years, there are some things I would like to promise you.  I assure you that when I show up to your property there is a mission and a vision of why we are in this business. There is a decidedly Tree Awareness, Inc. way of doing things.

We bring our credentials. We are a Licensed Tree expert in the state of NJ registered with the Board of NJ Certified Tree Experts as required by law as of April of 2017.  We employ a Certified Treecare Professional which means we are leaders in the industry regarding the best safe practices for tree operations.  We are also an accredited company through the Tree Care Industry Association. This accreditation brings with it a long list of benefits and assurances for clients to feel confident in choosing us to work on your property.  We are very proud of our certifications as is shows we pursue excellence and are willing to continue to learn and grow. Oddly enough, this is not what we are most proud nor is it what I believe separates us from any other company.  Our goal is to out serve other companies. Not just tree service companies, but other service companies as well!

 Our vision here is to work relentlessly to let clients know how much we value them.  People have many choices in the marketplace and if you choose us, we are driven to make sure you know we are grateful. You should see a difference in our behavior starting with a few simple, courteous actions such as answering the phone, returning messages and showing up on time.  We are a service business that aims to serve people properly.  When I am invited to a client’s home or business, I am driven by a personal obsession to bring the most creative and ideal solution.  We possess a desire to not be outworked. The objective is to turn you into a raving fan of our business and share it with your friends and family. There is simply no better feeling in business than creating a plan with you, getting to work on your project and then walking through it at the end as you smile at the results we have created together.  That is our definition of winning.

 In summary, I promise we bring service without compromise.  We bring the most recent science to back each decision we make.  We bring a 33-year reputation of doing the right thing no matter what.  And, we bring a love of working outdoors using our bodies and our brains to deliver incredible service that is second to none.