Does your tree have room

  It is not planting season. I feel compelled to write about planting today because of a tree we removed today. Today we removed a Corkscrew Willow tree that had completly out grown its space. As I spoke to the client, she mentioned how small the tree was when it was planted and she never dreamed it would get so big. That same conversation has happened twice already this week.  One was a man who planted a small Umbrella Pine too close to his  foundation. Now a tree that he loves may have to come down or risk harming his home. The other was a person who had planted three evergreens close enough together to create privacy . However , writhing short order the trees are touching and creating dead branches. As I contemplated these conversations, I realized  that the majority of the removals we do are actually trees that have outgrown their space. 

When considering a tree to be planted, one must consider its mature size. Many a good tree have been planted in the wrong spot by professional landscapers and nursery people . Do not take the word sight unseen from someone trying to sell you a tree. Take the time to do some research. If I had a nickel for every White Pine I have taken down that was planted on the corner of a house, I could retire!

My best advice is to ask a trusted advisor or conduct your own research online.  The National Arbor Day Foundation has some fantastic information on how to choose the correct tree:

Paul Biester