The root of the problem


There are many things working against your trees and plants in your landscape. From the wrong tree in the wrong place to bad nursery stock to inferior planting techniques. There are also many insects,diseases and fungi waging a constant war on the well being of your valuable yard space. We know as with any problem we face in life that complex problems call for complex solutions and there is no magic pill or bullet to cure what ails. There is no hack . The best plan for our problems and your plant problems is an all out campaign. A multi pronged approach fought on multiple fronts at a time.

With all of that being stated we often do get asked what is the one thing you could do or recommend to have the most impact for time and money invested. As i have thought through this question over the years I do have what I believe is a viable answer. Soil aeration is a great place to start. As most pathogens pray on weakened systems we must get a couple things in order  first as we look at any treatment plan Soil compaction and structure simply must be in order first because without those things we are just masking symptoms. We can spray and even fertilize but in my opinion unless we evaluate soil structure and planting depth we are putting perfume on a pig. Several issues can be evaluated and addressed quickly by using an air spade tool and a compressor. By using high pressure air to excavate around the stem and roots of a tee we can look at depth,root flare,girdling roots and even amend soil structure by adding organic material. This is a fantastic place to start with any protocol . For young and old trees alike air spading can help mitigate a multitude of issues and be the first domino fall if more measures need to be taken.

 Using an air spade tool as a means of treating tree stress is still a relatively new approach but very effective. It has also been studied at Bartlett research labs and used to invigorate the root systems of older trees as well. This is a very excitinge xcited service that we provide and love doing. We love it because is typically leads to good results. If you have any questions or wonder if your trees could use this treatment please feel free to call or email our office. Or contact your local Licensed tree expert.

Paul Biester