Parting Shots

For the better part of 7 years when you called emailed  or Facebook messaged Tree Awareness the one who responds is our own Mia Randazzo. Mia has been a constant force for good within our organization and is exemplary at shepherding our clients through the process of doing business. She has helped create many of our standard operating procedures and is almost single handedly responsible for helping us receive our TCIA accreditation back in 2018.  

Mia and I connected as soccer parents through our daughters . One day at a game in a very casual way she asked if I ever needed any help to let her know. One day that exact scenario unfolded as we struggled with our procedures and operations. As Mia and i worked together and developed our rapport it was quickly obvious it was a good fit. She was great at communicating and prioritized client experience and relationships. 

As time wore on and we were building our team and installing our culture I asked Mia a question. “How long do you think you will do this?” Her answer was always the same. “When My daughter graduates I will likely be done.” Well, in typical fashion Mia carries out her plans to perfection. This Month Mia’s Daughter graduates from high school and this will be her Last month serving as the operations manager for us. 

On a personal note i will miss many things about our time together as colleagues. We both share many of the same principals that made this work relationship what it has been. Excellence , drive, and putting clients needs first to name a few. Also, bouncing ideas off of one another and collaborating on a multitude of projects and pulling them off. Some of these projects were pretty significant.

In a subsequent post we will introduce you to Kevin. Kevin will be Mia’s successor. We are blessed to have Mia personally training Kevin in order to make the transition as seamless as possible. So at least for the near future she will be in the background helping Kevin get his legs.

I just want to acknowledge Mia for a second. Thank you for your years of faithful dedicated service. For working outside the boundaries of what most normal team members would do , especially on your personal time. Thank you for being an amazing confidante and for always having my back. This is truly the end of an era. The Mia era! Beyond grateful for all you have brought to the table. I wish you so very well in the next chapter that life has for you . I am most certain you will slay it! 

your friend, 

Paul ~ 

Paul Biester