As a fellow tree care specialist and Marine Veteran, Jack Revoir, has summed up the meaning of Memorial Day through his past experience as a serviceman and in remembrance of his fallen brothers and sisters…

In memory of Brandon McQuillen

Brandon was a Marine’s Marine. After six days in the field, with two more to go, when other spirits were braking, Beef was thriving. That was his nick name, Beef. He was short and thick. Mile nine of our ten mile hump out of the field, Beef would bark like a pit bull, running up and down the line motivating us. He was happiest in Afghanistan. He wasn’t made for this life. Maybe born thousands of years to late, a real warrior. Brandon took his life this past Memorial Day. He leaves behind a beautiful little girl.
I understand his pain. I remember him being very passionate. He loved music, he loved his country, and he loved being a United States Marine. We fought side by side in the Afghan heat. We bonded over our machine guns. We both carried M249 Squad automatic weapons. We trained together and deployed together.
Beef physically left Afghanistan ten years ago. His soul never left. I know his ghost is patrolling a little outpost in southern Helmand. He’s with the other warriors who never left, singing them country songs on his guitar while waiting to go on the next patrol.

Cpl Revoir 2/8 Fco