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Like our bodies, trees respond to the positive nutrients we add to improve their vigor and longevity. Keeping in mind that many of our clients have children and/or pets that are active around the trees, Tree Awareness carefully selects the products that are good for the soil and roots as well as safe for children and pets. Here are (2) of the products we use to fertilize the trees and shrubs.

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Roots Fertilizer for Trees SRN is a fully soluble product that provides both chemical and biological fertility. Its chemically-based elements address trees’ immediate nutritional needs, while its beneficial microbes will help to sustain fertility over the long term. A new surfactant technology (RZ3) helps the product to readily penetrate soil. This product:

•Is a low to moderate nitrogen fertilizer ideal for fall applications or other situations where low nitrogen levels are preferred

•Provides both macro- and micro-nutrients to replenish seasonal (short-term) fertility requirements, and promote growth, health and vigor

•Provides select microbes that fix atmospheric nitrogen, solubilize phosphorus and release bound mineral elements in soluble form through decomposition of organic materials for long-term fertility benefits

•Can be applied by soil injection or by drench

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ROOTS® BioPak® Plus is a premium dry, soluble 3-in-one fertilizer, microbial nutrient, and microbial inoculant treatment for ornamentals, trees, or turf maintenance to improve vigor of plants growing in stressed conditions.  Also included are humic acids, which may aid in mineral nutrient uptake.