Crane school


Once a year, for the last 9 years, Pete “The Crane Man” and his tribe gather in southeast PA for Crane Safety Climber School. This is an event where climbing students from all over North America assemble for 3 days of intensive hands on training. There is simply no other class like it. The 60 climbing student spots usually sell out in about 3 days as word spreads quickly once registration opens.

About 3 years ago, I was invited to come join the family of instructors who put on this amazing course. This group is a “who’s who” of  industry legends who come together to promote  continuing education and safety for our extended arborist family.

Several things have hit me as I reflect on this past week and the last 3 years. First, how fast this group welcomes newcomers. New students, volunteers, and instructors alike are quickly assimilated and made brothers and sisters.  Second, there is no compromise on safety. The goal of each session is to send everyone home in one piece and to make each person a safer operator all the way around. Lessons taken home will strengthen safe operations for all teams. Finally, the connections forged in this class run deep and last well beyond the course dates. I myself have now deepened my friendship with several teammates and students alike. There is no doubt we are stronger together. We can continue to build each other and exchange ideas moving forward. 

In typical fashion, I am coming away from this incredible experience enriched, encouraged and enlightened.

Thanks to every single person and sponsor involved . Hope to see everyone in 2020!

Two cranes at work /crane school. The Inn at Villanova

Paul Biester