What good is hard smart work?

Hard work is something many wish to avoid. It is my belief that hard work is a good and positive thing in people’s lives . I have experienced this in my own life and observed it in the lives of others.  The following is a punch list of a few things from my own observations which I believe are benefits.

1.healthy mind and body

 When we exert our bodies physically it builds functional fitness. Our bodies are made to move. Work  ramps the heart rate for extended periods. The work becomes your cardio work out. Increased blood flow to the brain and intense physical activity release positive “ feel good “ chemicals in the brain  which elevates mood.

2.   Discipline 

The idea of staring at a daunting task and applying yourself to get it done brings a sense of accomplishment. If this is repeated over time we train the brain that we finish what we start. This gives us a feeling of intergrity. This bleeds over into all areas of life and helps build discipline.

3. Gets things done 

No great accomplishment was ever done in laziness. The truly greats in history were obsessive about work. People like Edison, Franklin, Gates etc we’re not just talented ,they worked in an almost super human way. They literally outworked their competition. 

4. Grit

An often overlooked virtue. It may be one of the single most important things as a business owner. By continuing to bear down on tough projects and not give up when the going gets tough we build grit (determination). Continuing to get back on your feat each time things are tough or you get knocked down “is how winning is done!”  People often quit just before they were about to receive a breakthrough.

5. Benefits others

Our work is how we share our specific gifts and talents with society. If we do it well , with verve we are benefiting those around us. Wether we are building an app, doing concrete work or collecting trash we are contributing to the good of society. Why would we share our talents in a halfhearted manner? So do what we do with all our effort and might.  Give the best version of your gift.

These are just 5 thoughts that pop into my head when I think of some benefits of hard work. I have 2 daughters who work on the tree crew in the summer. Neither one of them will do this as a career long term. It is my belief that when they settle into their chosen callings they will be light years ahead for having the experience of sweating and getting calloused hands working summers doing tree work. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this! 

Mason doing work on a 1969 Ford f-500


Teach them young-

Paul Biester